The painting Road to the Hills by famed Texas artist Julian Onderdonk has been newly restored in the DMA’s Paintings Conservation Studio. Considered a masterpiece of early 20th-century Texas art, the painting is going on view in the Museum’s American art galleries on Level 4 after an absence of 60 years. Purchased in 1919 by the Dallas Shakespeare Club and donated to the Museum in that same year, Road to the Hills, c. 1918, was created at the height of the artist’s career. The painting depicts the bright, reflective light of the midday sun on an isolated white road in the Texas Hill Country, which, according to DMA Chief Conservator Mark Leonard, signifies “a tour-de-force departure from the theme of the bluebonnet, and, consequently, reveals the wider range of the artist.” In a delightful turn of fate, the current members of the Dallas Shakespeare Club provided support for the conservation of Onderdonk’s

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