Since opening at the V&A in London in 2013, the David Bowie is exhibition has toured to five international cities and has now been seen by over 1 million visitors worldwide, making it on track to become the V&A’s most visited exhibition in its history once its international tour is completed. To mark the millionth visitor, a David Bowie is collectors special edition catalogue signed by David Bowie, a pair of Sennheiser special edition Momentum headphones, a V&A Shop go0dy bag and tickets for three concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris were presented today to Sébastien Dormieu a teacher from Niort, France by Victoria Broackes, co-curator of the exhibition and Norbert Hilbich, Head of System Design, Sennheiser, at its current venue, The Philharmonie de Paris. In the book, Bowie wrote a personal message ‘David Bowie is…amazed at how you worked out where to stand

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