On Friday, Nov. 29, 1985, the day after Thanksgiving, a coveted painting was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum of Art. The painting was ‘Woman-Ochre,’ one of six Willem de Kooning paintings in a series exploring the figure of a woman. ‘Woman III,’ another in the series, sold in 2006 for $137.5 million — at the time, the second-most expensive painting ever sold. The story of the theft of ‘Woman-Ochre,’ full of intrigue though sparse in detail, continues to haunt museum staff even after the passing of 30 years. At approximately 9 a.m. on that fateful day, a security officer opened the front door of the museum to let a staff member into the lobby. Two visitors — a man and a woman — followed inside. The man wandered up to the second floor while the woman engaged in small talk with a security guard. The man spent a little less than 10 minutes on the second floor, cutting ‘Woman-Ochre’ out

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