Tornabuoni Art announced the opening of its sixth gallery, with a new space in London’s Mayfair in October 2015. In keeping with the gallery’s programme focused on Post-War and Novecento Italian art, the opening exhibition will celebrate the work of Lucio Fontana, founder of the Spatialist Movement. Featuring more than 40 iconic works by the artist, this will be the first solo show of Fontana’s work in London for almost a decade. Tornabuoni Art will be launched under the direction of Ursula Casamonti, daughter of the gallery’s founder Roberto Casamonti, who has worked closely alongside her father for 20 years. Strategically located on Albemarle Street, the new space will be designed by Marco Casamonti, owner of Studio Archea, Florence; he is also Ursula Casamonti’s brother, making the new gallery a true family project. The gallery will feature two exhibition spaces across two floors and has prepared bo

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