Throckmprton Fine Art has extended the dates for its major show of photographic art, “Mirror Mirror….Frida Kahlo Photographs” to September 19th. The show features more than thirty rare and vintage photographs of the Mexican artist by twenty of the most legendary photographers of the 20th century. A highlight of the show is the actual FRIDA KAHLO Hammer and Sickle, with Unborn Baby, Plaster Corset the artist painted and wore. It was worn by Frida during her confinement at the Hospital Ingles in 1950 after surgery. Painting the corset after the plaster was applied to her body; she used a mirror to see her drawing whilst prostrated in bed. Frida mentioned to Dr. Farrill that although wearing the corset was “reason for desperation at times,” it helped her with the pain. She felt a strong will to live and, while immobilized, started painting in a departure from what she described as “my regular ho

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