Thomas Erben announced the gallery’s second solo exhibition with British painter Rose Wylie. Since What with What, which introduced Wylie to the US audience in 2010, she has received wide recognition, including a solo exhibition at Tate Britain. In 2014, she won the John Moores Painting Prize, one of the foremost art awards in the UK. Featuring a broad selection of works on paper, Girl and Spiders allows insight into how Wylie condenses a vast stream of images and impressions into unmistakably personal drawings. In Rose Wylie’s work, people, animals and objects – unlabored, but very complete – combine with patches of color and bits of painted text. These elements come from a variety of sources: cinema, newspapers, tabloids, television, art history, and people she meets. Often working from memory, Wylie is not interested in overarching themes or stories – her focus

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