The SURTEX and the National Stationary Show just wrapped up a successful pair of May 2015 shows at the Javits Center in New York City. SURTEX is devoted to selling and licensing original art and design for all types of products. The NSS is a comprehensive marketplace for greeting cards, stationery, crafting products, and more. These two shows serve as examples of two great events where artists can turn design and expressed ideas into extended reach, financial reward, and greater community. Many people think of art as limited to a painting on the wall or a piece of sculpture perched on its base. But art fuels commercial marketplaces. Artists need to think beyond the canvas to access opportunities. Technology is greatly advancing the power, reach, and options of the individual artist. The notion of the “starving artist” as the World’s long suffering but under appreciated value creator need not be so. Rewarding opportunities emerge for artists through partnerships, techno

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