Under a soldier’s watchful gaze, a group of artists paint a blast wall outside Kabul’s presidential palace with a huge pair of eyes in bright, almost psychedelic colours. Alongside the eyes, a slogan reads: ‘Corruption cannot be hidden from God or from the people’. The project is not some guerilla graffiti campaign but comes with the blessing of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani — bringing colour to the sometimes drab Kabul streets while pushing an anti-corruption message in a country where graft is rife. One of the artists, 35-year-old Maryam, said the eyes were those of ‘all the Afghans who have had enough of corruption’, gazing down on officials who might be tempted to take a backhander. As the Taliban’s insurgency has raged on, the grey cement blast walls have mushroomed in Kabul in recent years, usually to insulate the rich and powerful. That has prompted anger from Kabir

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