The special exhibition of the Museum im Palais is part of the themed focus of ‘Landscape’ to be taken up at several locations of the Universalmuseum Joanneum and places at centre stage the relationship between man and Styria’s largest river – the Mur. In eight chapters, this exhibition sheds light on a space that has constantly re-evolved out of perception and experience, action and reaction, cultural and social practices, as well as due to the many protagonists involved. Today, the Mur can be read not only as a varied natural area. Over centuries it has shaped the life of inhabitants here, just as they in turn have based their actions and aspirations around the river, attempting time and again to process and organise it so as to create a certain vision of it. A re-evaluation is carried out of Mur-related objects that have been preserved, divided into several areas: ‘Imagination and Il

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