A week ago, Turkish auction house Antik A.S. invited hundreds of collectors, scholars and art patrons to its main headquarters in Istanbul for an important exhibition from Lucien Arkas’ collection. Luıcien Arkas, owner of the Arkas shipping and logistic company in Turkey, has shared his passion for glass works in an elegant exhibition in Antik A.S. Lucien Arkas’ private collection features the prominent Art-Nouveau glassmakers Emile Gallé (1846-1904), the Daum brothers and René Lalique. This unique exhibition opened at the Antik A.S. main hall in Istanbul on May 16th, featuring 172 pieces produced by these world-famous artisans, will remain open until July 26th 2015. Nurcan Artam, chairperson of Antik A.S., commented on the exhibition: ‘Antik A.S. is delighted to present “The Poets of Glass” from an important collector’s collection, Mr. Lucien Arkas. Consummate expressions

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