‘The Little Prince’ has grown up a lot over the past 70 years. From an asteroid boy to a Cannes movie star, the emblematic hero has also become an international brand. The watercolour image French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery sketched of the star-travelling prince and his tamed fox — first appearing in his charming novella published in 1943 — can be seen around the world. It has become an iconic addition to all sorts of objects, including sheets, baby plates, watches and stationary. Saint-Exupery’s four nephews have for the past 25 years been in charge of licencing through an enterprise that manages his estate, the Company for the Works and Memory of Saint-Exupery. Worldwide, some 10,000 products have the blond prince stamped on them, generating revenue of 100 million euros ($110 million) a year in licencing fees, according to Thomas Riviere, the company’s

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