When The Gerhard Wagner Collection of extraordinary tourmalines crosses the block on June 7, 2015, at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, it will be — for hardcore collectors in the world of Fine Minerals — as if a vast cave of treasures, carefully cultivated and perfectly kept for decades, is opening for the first time. Top examples from the collection include an amazing Tourmaline on Tourmaline with Quartz from the Porcupine Pocket of the Pederneira Mine, Brazil (estimate $500,000+), the sublime Tourmaline on Cleavelandite from the Grandon Pocket of the Pederneira Mine, Brazil (estimate: $450,000+) and the ‘Flower of Pederneira,’ an impressive find of emerald and burgundy tourmaline on quartz, with lepidolite and cleavelandite, from the Proud Pocket of the Pederneira Mine, Brazil (estimate: $450,000+). ‘This is like a king opening the crown jewels to bids

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