Bonhams sale in London on 30 June of the selected contents of Château de Villers-Helon and items from the collection of a French dynastic family offers the opportunity to acquire spectacular artworks associated with a magnificent property. House sales are always popular and Charlie Thomas, Bonhams director of Bonhams House Sales and Private Collections department, explained the reason. “We’re all fascinated by history and house sales provide the chance to buy into the past. This sale for example contains all kinds of objects from extravagantly ornate Italian furniture to French clocks, chandeliers and wall decoration to suits of armour and family portraits. There is also a small collection of wonderful seascapes including a view of the harbour at Trouville by the French master Eugène Boudin.” The Château Villers-Helon, 50 miles north east of Paris, has a distinguished history and

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