Taturo Atzu (1960, Nagoya, Japan) is internationally renowned for his temporary art projects which transform our experiences of monuments, statues and architecture. Radically altering our perceptions, his installations provide public and intimate access to elements within our urban environment. Atzu’s first public project in the Netherlands centres around the historic weather vane and the small roof turret (with the Angelus Clock) of the Oude Kerk. For centuries the roof and the clock tower have been a source of information for city residents. They indicated the time and weather, and sounded moments for prayer and church services. On most church towers the weather vane, indicating the direction of the wind, depicts a rooster. The weather vane on the Oude Kerk has a very unusual form, while the tower with the Angelus clock is barely noticed by passers-by. The Angelus clock was reinstalled in the roof turret for the 700th anniversa

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