Since 1966, Niele Toroni (b. 1937, Muralto, Switzerland, lives and works in Paris) has applied imprints of a number 50 brush at regular intervals of 30 cm on a variety of surfaces and supports. For his first ever institutional solo show in NY and his first in the US in over 25 years, Swiss Institute presents an exhibition that spans over 4 decades of the artist’s work, featuring imprints on waxed fabric, canvas, and paper, as well as new, site-specific works created for this show. Throughout the years, Niele Toroni has remained steadfast in his practice of ‘Travail-Peinture,’ in which the working method of applying paint in imprints of regular intervals delineates what is put on view. In a challenge to figurative painting, Toroni’s imprints subtly evidence human touch in the same moment that they obliterate the brushstroke as an emotive or psychological record. His works are metonymic

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