Marian Goodman Gallery announces an exhibition of works by Sol LeWitt, John McCracken, Gerhard Richter, Fred Sandback, Anne Truitt and Lawrence Weiner, which opened on Wednesday, June 24th and will be on view through Friday, July 31st. The exhibition brings together important figures, who first emerged in the 60’s and 70’s and variously shaped the course of history for decades to come, engaging questions about painting and sculpture, drawing and photography. On view in the North gallery is a new 11 meter long Strip painting by Gerhard Richter, the culmination of a series of works the artist embarked on five years ago while working on his touring retrospective. The Strips continue Gerhard Richter’s over 60-year long investigation into the possibilities of painting which started through the means of photography. Appropriately, in the 21st Century, the initial tools are digital, however the starting and end points

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