Nancy Margolis Gallery announces “Summer Exhibit 2015” opening July 9 and is on view through August 14, 2015. The group exhibition includes works by four abstract painters all new to the gallery: Cristina Camacho, Marc Cheetham, Sean McDonough, & Aliza Morell. The Viewing Room hosts a special exhibition by recent MFA Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Tommy Mishima. CRISTINA CAMACHO “Moms Doodles” is a series of lithographs inspired by Camacho’s mother’s obsessive sketchbooks. The series is an ongoing project, where each print is unique and borrows fragments of Camacho’s mother’s drawings she hid for 27 years of symmetrical, colorful, precise, and obsessive patterns, similar to Camacho’s canvas paintings. Layers of the patterns are juxtaposed, creating complex histories and connections between her mother’s doodles and her own

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