Artpace announces the opening of the Summer 2015 International Artist-in-Residence exhibitions featuring artists Wafaa Bilal (New York), Fatma Bucak (London & Istanbul) and Gabriel Martinez (Houston). This Summer 2015 residency marks the 68th residency in Artpace’s twenty-year history. Summer 2015 Guest Curator, Ian Alden Russell, says of the residency “When I thought about what the experience of the residency would be – three artists, living next door to each other in the same building where they work with a team of art professionals everyday – I felt that the most important thing was to select a group of artists that would, between themselves, form a sort of family and that their camaraderie would complement and enhance the empathy, generosity, and family spirit that distinguishes the Artpace experience.” Wafaa Bilal, an Associate Arts Professor

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