The BAFTA winning film director Bill Forsyth and his partner Moira Wylie have donated a work by the late Steven Campbell to The Glasgow School of Art, it was announced today 14 August 2015. Campbell, who died at the tragically young age of 54 in 2007, was the leading figure in the high profile group of GSA graduates known collectively as The New Glasgow Boys. A large collage on canvas, Fake Ophelia is formed of paint, textiles, string, wallpaper and paper cut work. It was made by Campbell in 1991 to form part of Pinocchio’s Present an exhibition staged at The Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh in 1993. The work has been hung in the GSA library where current students from across all disciplines are able to see and enjoy it. “We are grateful to Bill and Moira for this generous donation to the GSA’s Archives and Collections,” says Alison Stevenson, Head of Learning Resources at The Glasgow School of Art. “Steven was an i

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