Marlborough Chelsea is presenting Brunch Over Troubled Water a special group exhibition of gallery artists at Plutschow Gallery in Zurich, 11 June – 18 July. The exhibition features new painting, sculpture, video, prints and drawings by Mike Bouchet, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Drew Heitzler, Tony Matelli, and Davina Semo, and serves as a cross-section of Marlborough Chelsea’s program. The works are thematically linked by art-historical investigation, narrative strategies, pop-cultural reference and formal concerns, and cohere around a shared dedication to craftsmanship in the service of concept and content. Frankfurt-based American Mike Bouchet’s large-scale cheeseburger paintings and works made with his own proprietary diet cola formula interrogate both the export of American excess and the revolving door between advertising and art history. New York duo Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe are well known for their colos

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