Few titles sum up an era and a movement like Spare Rib. With its commitment to challenging the status quo, Spare Rib battled oppression and gave a voice to the struggles, discussions and debates of diverse groups of women over the 21 years it was in print (1972-1993). From today, every edition of Spare Rib magazine is available to be viewed by anyone online for free. The British Library hosts a curated Spare Rib website featuring 300 selected pages from the magazine, alongside articles written by academics, activists and former contributors about how Spare Rib was run, its history and the issues it tackled. This site links through to the website for Jisc, a charity which supports digital technologies in UK education and research, where the entire run of magazines is available to view. Jisc’s Journal Archive platform allows users to browse across 239 issues and locate material from more than 11,000 pages of the magazine. Unti

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