The African and Oceanic Art sale on 24 June at Sotheby’s in Paris will open with the vision of two pairs of husband and wife collectors: that of the great contemporary art gallery owners Liliane and Michel Durand-Dessert, and that of Daniel and Carmen Klein, who chose the theme of ‘Kongo gesture’ to assemble an impressive collection of works from this ancient kingdom of Central Africa. Selected works coming from various art lovers are sure to appeal to collectors, starting with a Baulé mask with two faces: an absolute masterpiece from the Pierre and Suzanne Vérité collection, which will be a highlight of the event. Other remarkable pieces adding lustre to the sale – mostly with prestigious provenances – include a Songye statue, a sublime commemorative portrait of an Akan princess, a Senufo statue from the collection of the artist Jacques Boussard, and the celebrated Attie mask from the Charles Ratton

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