Edward Cella Art + Architecture announces a solo exhibition titled Homeland that features new works by Los Angeles-based artist Pontus Willfors. In this new body of works the artist explores the theme of the home in a series of sculptural works made of wood and metal that are re-creations of domestic furniture. The exhibition takes place in the gallery’s adjacent project space and is organized by Director Carl Berg. Home is a term filled with nostalgic attributes. Phrases like ‘home sweet home’ and ‘there’s no place like home’ carry ideas of a singular utopian place preferable to all others, a place where you return, a shelter from the stormy world outside, a safe haven. We spontaneously factor these calming ideas into our image of home. Inside is better than outside, inside means protection and calm, outside equals uncertainty. But is this a gross simplification? Is the home always a shelter? Or a safe place? Is it always the p

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