Invisible-Exports is presenting “Soft Core,” a bifocal group show arranged around soft sculpture and its not entirely semantic relationship to softcore imagery. What’s the quiddity of softness—what quality is shared by materials that give to the touch, images out of focus, pornography that doesn’t show penetration, intimate composition, colors on the bluer end of the spectrum, plush luxury, empathy and unprocessed romanticism, as in “soft-focus”? What makes soft soft? “Soft Core” was conceived and curated to explore bodiliness as the mercurial element of form underlying softness of all kinds—a quality which endows work with a shape-shifting, sensual flesh-like materiality that can both exceed, and be hemmed in by, composition. Even in work which does not depict flesh or fleshliness in any explicit way, softness of form invariably produces a bodily effect or experience in

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