Singapore’s highest court has unfrozen the assets worth millions of dollars of a Swiss businessman and art dealer sued by a Russian billionaire for fraud. The Court of Appeal, in a ruling dated August 21, lifted a worldwide freeze order — known as the Mareva injunction — imposed earlier this year by the Singapore High Court on the assets of Yves Bouvier, a permanent resident in the city-state. The Court of Appeal said there was no risk of Bouvier ‘dissipating’ his assets after the injunction was removed. It described the freeze order as an ‘abuse of the court’s process’. Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, owner of the AS Monaco Football Club, had sued Bouvier in January in Monaco for allegedly fraudulently inflating the price of 38 artworks while acting as his agent, with the mark-up reaching a total of $1.0 billion. In March Rybolovlev filed a

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