TJ Boulting presents a photography group show with Cristina de Middel, Benedicte Kurzen and Robin Maddock; a collaboration which brings together and explores their recent work in Lagos, Nigeria. The three photographers, coming from different backgrounds, all found themselves in Nigeria for different reasons. Cristina de Middel is a former photojournalist who began working more artistically and conceptually with her first self-published and award-winning 2012 book The Afronauts. However she had never been to Africa until she was invited to the Lagos Photo Festival in 2013. Benedicte Kurzen is a photojournalist with the agency Noor who has lived in Nigeria for the past few years, covering stories in the news from Boko Haram to the recent presidential elections. Robin Maddock is a photographer who has published three acclaimed books and who moved to Nigeria in 2014 to be

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