The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga is presenting the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum on the artist Shepard Fairey. Your Eyes Here, curated by Fernando Francés, includes more than 300 works by this US artist born in Charleston, South Carolina. The works in the exhibition offer a survey of Fairey’s career, which spans twenty-five years to date, and includes paintings, silkscreens, stencils, stickers, illustrations, collage, photographs, sculptures and works in wood and metal. Fairey is known for using a highly defined range of colours based on black, red and white and inspired by Russian propaganda posters, as well as for his ironic critique of present-day issues. His works are influenced by fields such as music, the environment and politics. Shepard Fairey lives and works in Los Angeles. Shephard Fairey began to become known in the 1990s when he produced some of his most celebrated works, such as the sticker Andre

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