Lennon, Weinberg first showed Joseph Zito’s work in a three-artist exhibition of sculpture in 1993. Housed in their first gallery venue at 580 Broadway in Soho, they presented two works including Untitled (For C.W.), which they include in this exhibition, a selective survey of thirty years of Zito’s work. The show also includes First Cut, from 1985, the sculpture that Zito describes as the first work in which he recognized that he had found a way past the influence of older artists that lingered in his work following his graduation from the School of Visual Arts. First Cut was key to a body of work involving an exploration of positive and negative spaces embedded in the wall that were well-received when exhibited in the late 1980s at Damon Brandt and Rosa Esman Gallery. “On the surface the work appears to be Minimalist/Conceptual but I see it more in the vein of pure Expressionism.

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