Happenings pioneer and one of the original Pop Art protagonists, known for experimenting with a range of techniques, American artist Jim Dine has chosen to celebrate his 80th birthday with a new installation in Paris: City of Glass. City of Glass features a set of sculptures created from bronze, glass, paint and hand tools. Each glass city is mounted on a work bench-type base, evoking both an artist’s studio and an alchemist’s cabinet of curiosities. Dine, who is a poet as well as a painter and sculptor, explains: ‘Everything I’ve ever done, everything I continue to do, it all comes down to fire. I’ve spent 60 years feeding the flame, trying to make sure it doesn’t die down.’ This exuberant birthday exhibition — the result of two-and-a-half years’ work — celebrates the creative power of a unique artist. Here, tools and process are as crucial as the finished work. Dine throws out the rulebook and pushes technique to its limit. He persona

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