An original painting by Joseph Farquharson, valued between £80,000 and £120,000 headed back to the family estate of Finzean on Deeside to be reunited with the exact spot it was painted. 17 year old Izzy Farquharson, great grand niece of the artist, took the painting to the Forest of Birse, looking down the River Feugh towards the old Finzean Bucket Mill and house. The painting titled called ‘Glowed with tints of evening’s hour’ will be sold by Lyon & Turnbull on the 4th June 2015 in Edinburgh at their Sale of Scottish Paintings. Izzy Farqharson said “I have always loved his paintings and I know most of the spots in the area where he painted them. It is amazing to have the actual painting here in the exact place that he painted it. It has changed quite a lot, but you can still see the road, sawmill and cottage in the distance. I believe the title ‘Glowed with tints of evening hour’ is

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