Liang Yi Museum presents Scholars and Debutantes: A Contrast of Ascetic and Opulent Luxuries, a two-part exhibition examining the unique history of ‘play things’ or objects of desire that belonged to scholars and sophisticates of the past. Through an anthropological lens, the exhibition seeks to illuminate the culture and society from which these precious objects were derived. The important exhibition is running from 1st September 2015 for six months. The gallery on the lower floor of the Liang Yi is devoted to 100 Scholarly Objects, showcasing antique Chinese wood artefacts and the best of the literati tradition from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Concurrently, the top floor gallery is dedicated to A History of Evening Bags, a prized display of European ladies’ minaudières, nécessaires and accessoires during the age of glamour. Together, the contrasting pursuits of

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