In an effort to deconstruct patriarchy and structures based on hegemonic practices, Rodeo brings together a group exhibition that will take place in two spaces; the gallery on Sıraselviler Caddesı no 49 and the space of Near East magazine and projects in Dolaptere. THE FALL is never ending and this exhibition could be material that constantly changes as the current historical moment requires. The artists’ list could be endless and its (sexual) identity more mixed but at this first stage no woman is part of it. Not that the feminine doesn’t come hand in hand with hegemony or that women are innocent. From Cleopatra to Maggie Thatcher, from Empress Theodora to Angela Merkel; and on and on. But this exhibition is not about that. John DeLorean, national symbols, Archbishop Makarios, a cable conduit, a series of family photos and Abdulah Ocalan, become the begining of a story

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