In celebration of the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary, photographer Roberto Rabanne debuted truly psychedelic 3D photographs of the Grateful Dead in Chicago during the band’s “Fare thee well” shows at the NYCH Art Gallery. His new massive body of work centers around rarely seen early photographs of the band from 1967 right through the decades. These large scale historic photos are set into unique frames embellished with black lace and classic Dead-centric motifs of skulls, bones and roses. Rabanne’s photos are displayed in a fitting thematic “Tableau Mort” of life size decorated black skeletons, skulls, bones, red and black roses. This unusual setting is a spectacular medieval psychedelic scenario referencing the fantastic surreal imagery of Hieronymus Bosch, meeting Fra Angelico meeting Aldous Huxley and Dali. With this ground breaking show, Rabanne has now gone

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