The Whitechapel Gallery invited Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander (b. 1967) to make a work of art for the annual Children’s Commission. The new work explores childhood fears ranging from ‘spiders’ and ‘heights’ to ‘talking trees’ and ‘electric ghosts’. Featuring an installation of vibrant handmade capes, the 2015 commission by Neuenschwander combines elements of drawing, textiles, design, performance and writing with her interest in the rich history of modern art in her native Brazil. The artist worked with children aged 7-9 from across London to gather a broad collection of fears, from the ones shared by many throughout their lives such as ‘drowning’ or ‘bees’, to ‘strangers’, ‘nightmares’ or the more abstract ‘silence’. Neuenschwander has translated the children’s drawings and texts into fabric cape designs. Associated with protection and supernatural power, the capes

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