In the Realm of Nature: Bob Stocksdale & Kay Sekimachi opened at Bellevue Arts Museum July 3, 2015. The exhibition examines the parallel paths of two of America’s foremost craft pioneers with an inspirational selection of 50 years of Stocksdale and Sekimachi’s work. The two married in 1972, forging a creative partnership in life and in art. The stories of their artistic development exemplify many of the determinative forces still shaping contemporary American Craft. As a self-taught and self-directed artist, Bob Stocksdale demonstrates the strong pragmatism of the folk roots of craft, while Kay Sekimachi reflects the assimilation of European education and influences from other cultures. Stocksdale (1913-2003) spent over 50 years on a quest to unveil the compelling beauty hidden in wood from around the world, leading him to be hailed as the father of American woodturning.

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