A report by the Generalitat, made known yesterday, points out dozens of irregularities, incidents and weaknesses during a five year period (2009-2013) of Consuelo Ciscar’s 10 year leadership of Institut Valenci√† d’Art Modern. Her husband, Rafael Blasco, from the ruling Popular Party (PP), last year was sentenced to eight years in prison for appropriating government funds. Sculptures that were paid but not received, artworks paid 15 times their market value; travel expenses without previous authorization by the presidency and with personnel whom don’t work formally in IVAM; contracts executed without bidding, and a lower average of museum visits than the ones Ciscar would represent verbally. IVAM acquired 124 artworks between 2009 and 2013 for a price of €1.992.877. The auditors have analyzed five of these pieces and according to a study made by Madrid professor Jaime Brihuega, in all cases these artworks were paid over their market price. Over 15 times their worth

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