Pi Artworks London announces Paul Schwer’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Over the last year Schwer has had major solo exhibitions at Leopold Hoesch Museum and Kunstverein Ruhr Germany and IKOB in Belgium, though this is his first in the UK. The Shape of Things to Come features the artist’s arresting Plexiglas sculptures alongside an intervention on the gallery’s floor and walls. Schwer is a painters’ painter, concerning himself solely with the relationship between colour, space, light, and movement. His work, however, is far removed from the traditional two-dimensional canvas. With a profoundly spatialized mode of painting Schwer produces sculptural installations charged with light and colour that express an imploding impulse. He begins with flat Plexiglas plates painted with broad-brush strokes of coloured pigment. Then, in one transient moment, through high heat and considerable

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