Hauser & Wirth presents ‘Passing Leap’, a group exhibition featuring works by Sebastian Black, John Houck, Shana Lutker, Dave McDermott, Brian O’Doherty, Barbara Probst, Sara VanDerBeek, Claudia Wieser, and Haegue Yang. On view through 31 July, the exhibition takes its title from the name of a complex trapeze trick. A ‘passing leap’ is a manoeuvre of great precision and skill, culminating in a dynamic moment in which an aerialist’s perspective is flipped, time is suspended, and the laws of physics seem to be broken. The artists included in ‘Passing Leap’ at Hauser & Wirth are connected by a specific interest in challenging the conventional relationship between viewer and artwork. They collapse constraints of time and space in order to suggest alternative realities, environments, and realms of perception. In ‘Passing

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