Three new works created from Slinky®s by American artist Tara Donovan, known for her ability to transform mass-produced goods into large-scale works of art, are presented as part of Platform, the Parrish Art Museum’s exhibition series that invites artists to respond to the architecture, context, and environmental conditions of the Museum, on view from July 4 through October 12, 2015. “Tara Donovan’s approach to material is like no other artist’s,” says Andrea Grover, the Century Arts Foundation Curator of Special Projects at the Parrish Art Museum, who organized the exhibition. “Her vision and sense of play allows her to transform the most mundane objects into breathtaking installations.” For Platform: Tara Donovan, the artist uses thousands of Slinky®s—the familiar children’s toy made from coiled steel, and recognized as the worm-like spring that “walks” down

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