An original oil on canvas rendering of the iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel, done by the equally iconic pop artist Andy Warhol, sold for $247,000 at a sale of the contents of one of Mississippi’s most regal antebellum homes: Lauri Mundi, built in 1847. The auction was held Aug. 8 on the grounds of Lauri Mundi. The Warhol was the top of the sale. The auction was conducted by Stevens Auction Company, based in Aberdeen. Prior to auction, company president Dwight Stevens remarked, “This will truly be one of two landmark auctions in our 31 years in the auction business.” When it was all over, he said, “It definitely lived up to the hype. The weather was a bit warm, but the crowd was lively and everyone had a good time.” The stylized portrait painting – a synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvass, executed in Warhol’s inimitable style – had been acquired by the seller’s grandmother, a serious art collector,

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