The North Carolina Museum of Art announces new works of art installed in the 164-acre Museum Park in spring 2015. The works include a bronze fountain sculpture by artist Tim Hawkinson, located in the Museum’s Plaza; an interactive work by Maria Elena González, located throughout the Park; and billboards designed by students at three North Carolina universities, located along the Park trails. Artist Tim Hawkinson transforms ordinary, everyday objects—bicycles, banana peels, buckets, envelopes, toothbrushes, plastic jugs—into idiosyncratic, humorous, and surprising works of art. Totem, a cast bronze fountain, is the permanent version of an earlier sculpture by Hawkinson made of papier-mâché, string, and plastic bottles. Each bronze “jug” has a face, and the mouths act as a water spouts. What initially looks like a solemn and ancient totem suddenly becomes a playful, ironic

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