On the occasion of the 100th-anniversary celebration of Technicolor, The Museum of Modern Art presents Glorious Technicolor: From George Eastman House and Beyond, a summer-long series of American films made between 1922 and 1955 (the year that Hollywood studios stopped using Technicolor three-strip cameras), with a delirious range of musicals, melodramas, swashbuckling and seafaring adventures, Biblical epics, Orientalist fantasies, Westerns, literary adaptations, homespun Americana, and even rare instances of film noir and 3-D. Running June 5 through August 5, 2015, the series comprises more than 60 feature films, along with a rich selection of cartoons, short subjects, industrials, trailers, and screen tests. Tracing the development of Technicolor as both a technology and an art form—and aspiring to remain faithful to the look of these films

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