Paris, Milan, New York and London may reign in world fashion, but Asian and South American cities are ones to watch, according to an exhibition at one of the world’s best design schools. Dubbed ‘Around the world in 80 Items’ by, the museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology is charting a new generation of fashion-forward cities eying global prominence. The exhibition displays dozens of outfits and accessories ranging from a 1890 couture cape by the then-toast of Paris, Charles Frederick Worth, to a 2015 beaded dress by Nigeria’s Lisa Folawiyo. It showcases the likes of Chanel, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren with emerging talent from as far afield as Antwerp, Istanbul, Kiev, Johannesburg, Mexico, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo. The exhibition calls itself ‘Global Fashion Capitals’ and identifies 19 emerging cities,

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