The Vinyl Factory announced the European premiere of unicolor, a new work by Carsten Nicolai examining the psychology of colour perception. Submerged in panoramic wavelengths of blue, red, green and grey that grow, evaporate and meld into one another, the viewer is confronted with an infinite, visceral expanse of colour and sound. unicolor is a development of Nicolai’s previous projects univrs/uniscope version (2010) and unidisplay (2012), and is informed by Goethe’s Theory of Colours, the works of artists Josef Albers and Johannes Itten and historic scientific and semiotic writings that reflect on the connections between psychology and coloration. Unfolding against a long wall, and using mirrors to vastly expand the effect, unicolor utilizes a series of 24 modules to stimulate different visual effects that interfere with perception and seeing.

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