On Saturday 23 May at the Valserena Abbey, just a few kilometres from Parma, the Archive-Museum of the The Study Centre and Communication Archive (CSAC), opened to the public. It brings together and conserves original materials of visual communication, artistic research and design in Italy starting from the first decades of the 20th century. An extraordinary legacy of over 12 million individual items: Fine Art (over 1,700 paintings, 300 sculptures, 17,000 drawings), Photography (with over 300 collections and more than 9 million images), Design (1,500,000 drawings, 800 maquettes, 2,000 objects and around 70,000 items from figurines, to drawings, sketches, clothes and magazines) and Visual Arts (100 original films, 4,000 video-tapes and numerous ancient movie projectors). The CSAC, founded in 1968 by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle and subsequently managed

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