The Ravestijn Gallery announces ‘Recycle (Prelude)’ by Jean-Francois Lepage, an evocative new series of deconstructed and metamorphosed photographs from the artist’s image archive. Over the course of his career on the cutting edge of fashion photography, Lepage interrupted his photography by engraving, cutting or drawing on top of his original film. With these interventions in hand, Lepage has now pushed the border of photography further by fastening together disparate images to form a new narrative at once harmonious and unsettling. Each work in the series depicts a ghost-like dimensionality, with different parts of a photographic story rising to the forefront of the image. Lepage has for the most part left the setting of the photograph intact: a dark bedroom, a brightly tiled bathroom, a red velvet chair in the corner, but then proceeded to build a complex and

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