The New Museum is presenting “Barbara Rossi: Poor Traits,” a selection of Barbara Rossi’s enigmatic graphite and colored pencil drawings from the late 1960s and meticulously rendered reverse paintings on Plexiglas from the early 1970s. Rossi first exhibited her work in late-1960s Chicago where she became associated with the Chicago Imagists, a group of young artists known for their shared interest in non-Western and popular imagery, their pursuit of vivid and distorted figurative work, and their fondness for comic gags or puns. Rossi’s disorienting compositions, however, remain idiosyncratic even among an eclectic set of peers. “Barbara Rossi: Poor Traits” marks Rossi’s first museum exhibition in New York as well as the most significant presentation of her work since the early 1990s. The exhibition is curated by Natalie Bell, Assistant Curator. Beginning with the

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