The new Mu Xin Art Museum held its grand opening ceremony on November 15, 2015 and opened to the public the next day in Wuzhen, China. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the life, legacy, and artistic output of the artist, poet, and writer Mu Xin (1927-2011). Located in the artist’s hometown of Wuzhen—a historic and scenic water-town in the northern Zhejiang Province of China, the Museum is the leading resource on the impact and continued meaning of Mu Xin’s art. Founded by Chen Xianghong, President of Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd and supported by Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd, the Museum also contextualizes Mu Xin’s work by creating rotating, special exhibitions that examine the impact of others’ artistic practice and philosophy on his work. The Museum is overseen by founding Director, Chen Danqing, who was Mu Xin’s disciple. Mu Xin, born Sun Pu, had a strong

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