An Australian schoolboy who discovered a new species of jellyfish in a Queensland canal has had the tentacled creature named in his honour, scientists said. Saxon Thomas was nine when he spotted a small, box-like jellyfish while fishing with a friend in 2013. Thinking it unusual, he removed it from the water with a net, and with help of his father sent it to Queensland Museum. ‘We looked at it and we confirmed it was a new species so we named a new species after him,’ the museum’s Merrick Ekins told AFP on Thursday. ‘We thought about it and we thought, ‘Why don’t we highlight the fact that a young, keen, observant lad saw it and recognised this as interesting and thought that he should contact the museum’.’ Ekins said three different specimens were found of the small jellyfish, which has a bell measuring about 3 to 4 centimetres and tentacles stretching much longer. ‘It’s got a whole lot of scientific characteristics which make it unique,’ he said of the species named Chiropsella Saxon

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