In this new book, Charles Saatchi confronts the inescapable subject of death, decay and mortality. Designed to look like a marble tombstone, complete with marble edgestain, DEAD A Celebration of Mortality, is a collection of 52 perversely entertaining illustrated essays written by Saatchi in a wittily dry style. Addressing matters from the past to the present day, Saatchi’s varied topics span subjects such as the Russian mafia, Attila the Hun, The Wild West, the most effective poisons, lethal sex, being run over by your own dog, fatal curses, premature burials and even laughing yourself to a heart attack. DEAD A Celebration of Mortality (published by Booth-Clibborn Editions, 18 June 2015), examines the universal themes of death and mortality in a coolly amused and detached way, introducing a myriad of additional and very unexpected ways in which we might meet our maker. Charles Saatchi has been one of the moving forces of the modern age, one of the most significant figures

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